Mr. Angry's Policy Positions & Priorities


Water is everything to agriculture and the Yuma economy. Since first coming to Yuma in 2013, this has been very apparent to me. Over the last several months on my numerous trips to Yuma, I have spent the majority of my time in Yuma meeting with the Agriculture Attorney representing the Irrigation Districts and having discussions with several of the Yuma Agriculture representatives. Maintaining Yumas Water, stopping water transfers, and sticking up for your Second Amendment rights are my biggest issues and I will go to the mat for you. I am setting up a round table with the agriculture community to see where we can formulate a plan of attack to stop the water transfers or prevent it from happening again. This water transfer should not have been approved and your Senators need to fight harder for Yuma water and all Colorado River water to not be transferred to other locations. Yuma agriculture irrigation practices in water conservation are the model for other growers but getting the camel’s nose under the tent and taking this water sets a bad precedent. When I am elected, I will work hard to make sure transfers do not happen on my watch. As they say, whiskeys for drinking and water is for fighting. I will be a fighter for Yuma’s water and the Agriculture community.

Border Patrol

We need leadership that will protect our border families and protect our nation from the overflow of drug and human trafficking. The border must be secure, and we need Congress to act. But Arizonans can rest assured, I will do everything in my power to pass legislation that will help to secure our border. I do believe we need comprehensive immigration reform, that gives opportunities to those illegal immigrants who choose to make things right. The taxpayers for too long have taken on the cost of illegal immigration. The border wall must be built, and we must create a better pathway for all those who love our country to come here in a proper way that helps to Make America Great Again.

Faith & Religious Liberty

As a man of God and a Christian believer, my faith is the foundation of my life. I believe all Americans should be free to practice their beliefs without state and federal government obstruction. Our founding fathers wanted no interference in our religious freedoms. I believe in the right to life and those initiatives that support saving lives. I also believe in fighting for the unborn and am committed to fighting for the unborn and I will not deviate from the value of life from beginning to end. Arizonans should know that I uphold the practice of religious beliefs and the strengthening of families, for the dinner tables have too often become empty. Faith and family are foundational so I will represent those values and be a strong advocate for our churches.

I fully support allowing prayer back into the schools, as well as the Pledge of Allegiance, acknowledging that in God we trust. Throughout our history, all Americans have been protected by the Constitution, but in certain parts of our nation, Americans’ religious beliefs have been challenged in court, as in the Colorado bakery case. We must protect our rights and we must pass legislation that does not infringe on law abiding citizens. We are currently facing persecution for valuing the traditional family, home schooling and having differing political beliefs. These issues are threatening the individual liberties intended to be safeguarded through our Constitution and its protection. I will fight to defend our rights to worship our God and for any beliefs that represent our principles and values. Fighting for faith and family is my number one goal. Let us win for our faith and family.

Agriculture & Land Management

Rural America is the cornerstone that keeps the American foundation strong and it’s important that we help our farmers with good legislation that continues to keep their costs down and their growth of opportunities with good trade deals, like the USMCA Trade Agreement. I recently spoke to a farmer in Buckeye, Arizona who told me why the USMCA Trade Deal will help and work for him. He said,” The USMCA Trade Agreement will give me more opportunities in Mexico to sell my milk, and it will provide the resources I need to sustain my growth pattern.” I fully support the USMCA Trade Agreement. In our land development we must also preserve our water sources Water is our lifeline, and having clean water helps our environment. We must protect our historic land and monuments, which also includes our wildlife, the beacon of America.


The value of education is making sure that all Arizonans students get the best education, and that is a requirement of our Economy here in Arizona. We need to continue to pay our teachers very well. Our investment in our kids’ education requires a good return on our investment, in making sure our students are educated, starting with good history classes that educate from the beginning, not the end. I come from an educated family, as my late father was a public-school teacher/asst. principal for 39 years, and my late mother was a schoolteacher for 16 years.

“Education starts at home, and ends at home. What is in between is a valuable partnership between the parent and teacher. When this partnership is solid, the student wins in the classroom.” – Travis Angry

Jobs & Economy

With a strong American Economy, the businesses both small and large deserve to continue to have a strong Arizonan Economy that works for the people, that values hard work, with a commitment to lower taxes and regulations. We need our unemployment data numbers to continue to shrink and to see Arizonans reap the benefits of good paying jobs. The principles that guide me are lowered spending, budgeting and removing regulations that hold our economy down. When there is less government in the way, the people lead the way, and I want to be that leader who continues to help our government lead the way in creating more opportunities for job growth and a stronger economy for years to come.


A life that matters is a life that is cared for and our hospitals need and deserve our support. I believe in health care for everyone, but not at the expense of an over budgeted healthcare system. We failed the American people by passing Obamacare. Now we need to correct it by lowering the cost of prescription drugs and getting resources to our American healthcare system and protecting patients with pre-existing conditions. We need to support our small businesses with good healthcare options for their employees. Among our teenagers we have a teen addiction problem which is leading to teen suicide rates that are out of control. The opioid epidemic is a crisis in our nation that needs to be addressed effectively and consistency. I want to lead a bipartisan group to examine areas in which we can reach agreements which will help to build common ground for better healthcare for all Americans.

2nd Amendment

An important value in American Society is one that also preserves a free American society. The foundation of American society is the Constitution and the Amendments that follow. One of the first Ten Amendments to the Constitution is the Second Amendment. I support all law-abiding citizens having the right to keep and bear arms. As the Constitution states very clearly, “A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” I will dedicate myself to protecting all law-abiding citizens’ rights, and I will not accept any legislation that tries to infringe upon free American society, including all red flag laws. I will work very hard to champion legislation that protects all law-abiding citizens rights as outlined in the Second Amendment. My # 1 goal is to strengthen legislation which defends the Second Amendment. For the past decade, gun lobby groups had a good friend in Arizona State Senate Democrat Representative, Lisa Otondo, who recently flip flopped her vote for gun control legislation. She co-sponsored such legislation, without reading either gun control bill. I will be consistent from day one and state right here and now, all red flag laws will receive a NO VOTE from my desk. The Constitution will always be protected by my representation. I will author and support legislation that continues to keep Arizona a constitutional carry state. A Passion To Serve!

Tohono O’odham Nation

Recently I had the honor of introducing myself to the people of the Tohono O’odham Nation. It has been a learning experience and I appreciate how the TO Nation have shared their rich history with me.

The Tohono O’odham Nation were very welcoming, listening to my life story, my political platform, and my openness to address some of their concerns. We discussed the border wall, water, transportation, and human trafficking. Our initial discussions went so well that I was invited to address the General Session and answer questions.
I have been invited to take a tour of the TO Nation and have offered to bring 200 copies of my books for the students on the reservation. Creating this partnership is particularly important to me. Creating accessibility to Mexico is especially important, along with a new improved relationship with the Border Patrol and our State and Federal Government.
We must also work together to stop the Rosemont Mine. If the mine is allowed to go forward it would destroy the only US habitat for the wild Jaguar, destroy natural habitats for endangered species, impact 33 Native American Burial Grounds, and possibly contaminate the aquifer and ground water vital to the entire area. We cannot let that happen.

We must give our brothers and sisters in our Native American communities’ opportunities, and it’s my honor to help lead this initiative. Our tribal communities are rich in historic value and they can be assured they have a friend in Travis Angry. Let’s Go WIN!

“Leadership is not blind, when you can see hope and opportunities, that make you want to be a follower” – Travis Angry

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